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Building a Static Website with Hugo

Quickly create a personal website using markdown syntax


Building a blog and migrating it each time can be a super painful task, especially since every platform has different export formats! Why not build one yourself? Write articles using markdown syntax and then generate a static website.

Different between pointer and value for struct type in golang

The different between pointer and value for struct type in golang with examples


I always had a question “Should I use value for type in struct? Or using pointer?”
After reading many different projects on the web, it seems that they all have different practices.
Until I recently encountered a problem that gave me some ideas.

Interacting with smart contracts using Golang

Generating a Go package with abigen tool to interact with smart contracts and perform contract operations


Previously, I was calling Smart Contracts through PHP, which raised two issues.
One was the slowness, and the other was the lack of maintenance of the package.
Fortunately, Golang provides an official package that is both fast and solves these two problems.
This article explains how to convert existing Smart Contract ABIs into a Go package for interacting with contracts.

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