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Jenkins CI/CD 03 - Building and Pushing Docker Images to GCR

This article discusses the process of building a Docker image and pushing it to the Google Container Registry (GCR) within a Jenkins pipeline using the 'gcloud' command.


Google Container Registry is a service provided by Google for storing, managing, and securing Docker container images.
The objective at hand is to package a Docker image and push it to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using the ‘gcloud’ command for future deployment purposes.

[CI/CD with Drone 101] 04 Introduction to Drone Runners

Building an automated deployment process with Drone, introducing different drone runners.


In our previous post, “[CI/CD with Drone 101] 01 Basic Service Setup and GitHub Integration ” there is an example docker-compose.yml file that creates two Docker runners: drone_runner_docker and drone-runner-ssh.
However, in “[CI/CD with Drone 101] 02 Setting Deployment Trigger Conditions (Pipeline) ” only the Docker runner is used.
This post will introduce both runners, along with other runners mentioned on the official website.

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