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Setting Up Subdomain with Cloudflare and Customizing GitHub Page URL

After purchasing a domain, you can set up subdomains for different websites. This article demonstrates using Cloudflare + GitHub Page for a static website.


Previously, I purchased my own domain.Now, I want to use Cloudflare DNS service to set up a subdomain.
And assign it to a specified GitHub Page project as a customized URL.
Once you master this skill, with just one main domain, you can generate different subdomain URLs as needed.
All major DNS service providers offer this feature, and this article uses Cloudflare as an example.

How to Purchase Your Own Domain from Google Domains

A tutorial on purchasing your own domain using Google Domains.


Previously, I’ve been using free blogging platforms like Blogger.
However, with the rise of personal branding awareness in recent years and feeling limited by the features of the original blog,
not to mention the inconvenience of moving, and the inability to customize SEO and embed tracking codes,
I felt the need to take matters into my own hands.
Having worked in the media industry, I realized that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.
I initially moved from Blogger to Medium, then back to Blogger, finding the transition quite cumbersome.
Furthermore, the formatting of code content often gets distorted, and I wanted to record everything using Markdown syntax.
This led me to consider self-hosting, partly as a platform to showcase my skills.

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