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Create a Redis service on GCP

Set up a Redis service using Google Cloud MemoryStore.


GCP offers the Google Cloud MemoryStore service for creating Redis or Memcached caching machine services.
The pricing is similar to that of setting up a database.
I thought it would be as inexpensive as using virtual machines (VMs).

Jenkins CI/CD 04 - Using SSH Commands to Operate another VM Instance in GCP

Enable Jenkins to perform remote operations on a remote host through SSH, replacing manual deployment.


In a non-automated deployment scenario, manually connecting to the server host’s internals is required every time.
Executing deployment commands or running deployment command executables not only involves inconvenience but also carries the risk of human error.
With Jenkins’ pipeline, we can replace manual execution, making deployments easier and more pleasant.

Scalable Server 01 Auto Scaling

Configuring Auto Scaling on GCP for Enhanced Server Flexibility


First, you need to stop the specified VM.
Next, in the sidebar, navigate to Storage -> Images, then click on it to select Create Image.
Make sure not to choose Virtual Machines -> achine Image as it will lead to confusion later on!
In the beginning, I mistakenly pressed Create Machine Image from the VM section and got stuck in this alternate world, which wasted my whole afternoon.

Successfully launched a VM on GCP on the first try

Step-by-step guide to launching your first VM instance and configuring it on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


How to launch a VM virtual machine on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?
It may sound complex, but in practice, it’s quite straightforward.
If you haven’t had any experience with setting up a host before, this time, we’ll document the steps for you.

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